Magical destination: Drake Bay!

There is absolutely nothing better than immersing yourself in beautiful lush nature from time to time. Its peacefulness and tranquility really do help sooth your mind, body and soul! And what better place to do this than the magical destination of Drake Bay!

You might not have heard of this, but Drake Bay really is the ideal destination for anyone wishing to escape from the daily stress and responsibilities. This remote spot is known for having some of the most gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants and friendliest locals!

Vacationing at one of the largest and most biologically diverse locations does come with a price! Getting to Drake Bay is definitively an adventure all by itself!
Drake Bay is located in the southwestern part of Costa Rica, in an area named Osa Peninsula. Driving to this amazing spot is not usually recommended, as the rivers tend to overflow onto the roads and make it impossible to cross by car. In order to get here, you would usually have to take a boat or plane ride from a small town called Sierpe.

Given its remote location, you will find that this gorgeous area does not offer its visitors malls, banks or even ATM machines! In fact, many businesses don’t even accept credit/debit cards! So you can only imagine how peaceful life is here!

Drake Bay has the perfect mix of tranquility and adventure. The town itself is quite remote but is full of beautifully interesting wildlife and natural wonders to explore!

If you are into hiking, then visiting the Corcovado National Park should be on the top of your to do list! If you are more of an aquatic person, then you should definitely try diving at the wonderful Caño Island!
Jungle Night tours are also huge here! Drake Bay is absolutely magical during the day, but the night holds even more beautiful secrets for you to discover!
Not convinced yet? Drake Bay offers many other incredible activities that help you reconnect with nature such as swimming, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, horseback riding or the always-popular chilling under the sun on a beautiful sunny beach.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Drake Bay!

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