Montezuma: the hippie spot!

There is no better way to enjoy the Costa Rican summer, than by going on a crazy getaway to a delicious tropical beach! Our best option? Non-other than the picturesque Montezuma beach!

Popularly known for its laid back, bohemian style, Montezuma is truly a unique place! From the moment you get here, you will see why this town is known as a ‘hippie spot’! You can rest assure that Montezuma’s off-beat atmosphere will make you forget about your cell phone, work and any other day-to-day responsibilities!

If you are looking for a great time, this beach should be your to-go place! Montezuma’s characteristic relaxed vibe completely changes ones the sun goes down. Its vibrant community and local bars host some of the best parties where you are welcome to have fun and dance the night away! And the best part? You can have the time of your life while barefoot with your feet in the sand!

Eating at Montezuma is also one of the highlights as you will find that this town has some of the most wonderful, fresh foods you could ever ask for! Although a huge part of the cuisine is prepared for vegetarian visitors, there are also some incredible restaurants that serve everything from Italian cuisine, burgers, Mediterranean dishes as well as refreshing craft beers!

But why come all the way here is you are not going to enjoy the area’s jaw-dropping natural wonders? Montezuma’s beaches are absolutely gorgeous: white sandy beaches and turquoise oceans! Who wouldn’t want to spend their days catching some sun while sipping a few cold ones by the sea?
Another incredible attraction: the Montezuma waterfalls! Once in the area, visiting the waterfalls is not only easy, but also required! We promise once you see them, you’ll never want to leave!

Being a town that welcomes all, Montezuma offers all type of accommodation options. So whether you and your friends are looking for a cheap hostel, or a 5-star hotel; Montezuma will surely have it!

Located in the southern coast of Nicoya, it will take you about a 6-hour drive to get here (roads here are best traveled in a 4-wheel drive). Although the trip might seem long, it is most certainly worth it!

Spend some of the best days of your lifetime vacationing at the most beautifully-crazy beach: Montezuma!

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Montezuma, Costa Rica