Parasailing Manuel Antonio beach!

Have you ever heard of the saying: seize the day? We bet you have! And what better way to seize your weekend than by planning a fun, out of the ordinary ride to the beach? Step out of your comfort zone by planning a cool parasailing beach ride with your friends!

Enjoying the hot summer days and scenic Costa Rican views can be done by land, or better yet by air! And what better place to do this than the picturesque Manuel Antonio beach! Located in Puntarenas, about 2-3 hours from San Jose, Manuel Antonio is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country due to its white sand and turquoise ocean. So you can only imagine why parasailing here is the best idea!

Although parasailing is done by attaching a parachute to a speedboat, air currents have to be taken into great consideration. So make sure to pick a windy season to plan your trip.

Start your day early and head down to the lovely Manuel Antonio beach! Once there, you will be given safety instructions while a crew assembles the parasail wing and preps the boat.

Next up, get strapped in! Depending on the tour operator you choose and the boat size, the ride may fit up to 3 people at a time.

Then, the best part: the take off! The boat will speed and you will quickly be put up in the sky where you will get the most incredible views of the Pacific coastline! Within seconds, you will be gliding 600 meters from the ground where you will be able to get to coolest birds eye view! Quite impressive!

Parasailing rides will usually last about 15-30 minutes, which is usually never enough! Once you are up there you will want to do to it all over again!

Once you are done with the parasailing adventure, you can always get a good spot on the beach, get out the beers and spend some fun in the sun!

Experience Manuel Antonio like you have never done before! Get your adrenaline rush by parasailing its gorgeous shoreline!

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Parasailing Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica