Wonderful whale watching!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country known for its gorgeous tropical flora and fauna. Its lush green rain forests and hundreds of astonishing animals living in it such as monkeys, sloths, toucans, frogs and butterflies. But there is one other animal which is also a great part of Costa Rica and its unique beauty: the majestic humpback Whale!

Although not many know this, Costa Rica is the country where humpback whales reside for the longest period of time. Which makes it the perfect place to be if you are into whale watching (who isn’t?).  These creatures are so unbelievable magnificent, that its hard not to love them!

Humpback whales are not the only wales which migrate to Costa Rica during winter times. Actually, about 25 species of whales and dolphins migrate here during different times of the year. The humpback whale, for example, will usually spend a total of about 6-7 months living near Costa Rican territory (which is usually from the months of June through November).

In Costa Rica, whale watching is best done on the southern Pacific coast. Beaches like Dominical, Uvita and the Osa Peninsula are usually the best choices.

Depending on the year, whale watching can be done simply by sitting on the beach and paying close attention to the open sea. If you would rather have a closer look, you can also go on any of the whale watching tours which are quite amazing! Usually the tours include the boat ride (which is usually a small catamaran), a tour guide as well as a refreshing snack. Tours may cost you anywhere from $70-$150 depending on the size of the boat.

A perk of going on a whale watching tour, is that you can actually jump off board at some point, swim and even scuba dive if you want too!

If you are planning to visit Costa Rica soon, then make sure you schedule it around the whale’s migration season! Not only will you enjoy the beautiful beaches, but you will also be witness to one of earth’s largest and most astonishing creatures!

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