Your city trip at the Maragato hotel

When planning a trip to Costa Rica, you should always make sure that you divide your stay into two sections. First (obviously) you should visit every possible beach, ocean, rainforest, mangrove, waterfall and mountain! Costa Rica has so many natural wonders for you to explore! Your second section however should consist of getting real taste of living the true Costa Rican life by spending a few days getting to know the city and its culture. And while you do this, this is no better place to stay at than the Maragato hotel!

Located about 100 meters from the country’s jaw-dropppingly beautiful National Theater, the Maragato hotel does really have the perfect location! Right smack in the middle of San Jose, you can easily move from one end of San Jose to the other at practically no cost! Al mayor museums, theaters, parks and shipping malls are easily reached through public transportation.

The Maragato hotel offers 4 bedroom types you can choose from depending on your needs. For budget-concerned travelers, you may be interested in the Single bed in mixed dormitory room. This is a great choice to invest in if you don’t mind making some new friends!
The Double or Quadruple rooms are best for couples or groups of people. The double room fits 2 people (obviously), while the quadruple room fits 4 (again, obvious!). Both rooms have a mini bar and a balcony.

Last but not least there’s the Family room. This one is ideal if you are travelling with family or friends as it fits up to 5 people and is equipped with its own private entrance.

The hotel offers other convenient amenities such as free Wifi connection, a 24-hour front desk service and laundry services. Also, the hotel is pet friendly!

The Maragato hotel makes your stay as comfortable as possible as it also offers room service, a snack bar and a wonderful Restaurant! The hotel also offers its guests a relaxingly delicious Spa for a perfect afternoon massage!

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There is really no more looking around for you! Spend your Costa Rican city adventure at the Maragato hotel!