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The breathtaking “ Baulas National Marine Park ” is located in Guanacaste and it is spread out between the beaches of “Playa Grande”, “Ventanas” and “Langosta”. This conservation area was created in 1991 with the objective of helping protect and preserve the “Baula” species (also known as Leatherback), which is the world’s largest turtle. This reptile can weigh up to 2000 pounds, which makes it an incredibly majestic and beautifully endangered creature.

This Marina Park is well known for its pulsating forests, gorgeous white sand beaches and amazing sea wildlife. Given that the Leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs between the months of October to May; this is the best time to visit the park. However there is no definite date/time for the females to nest.

More than 90% of the National park is underwater, x`which makes it great if you love estuaries and mangroves.

At Baulas National Marine Park you are going to find information booths, exhibition rooms, trails and bathrooms with clean water; which makes it very convenient and comfortable.

Getting to the National Park is not easy given the road is unpaved, therefore its recommended to use a four wheel drive vehicle. The Park’s schedule goes from 6am – 6pm, which means no one is allowed on the beaches before or after this time. If you are interested in going on a night tour to watch the nesting process you can definitely do so as long as you pay for an authorized local tour guide (you can book this at the information booth located at the entrance of the park).

Reservations for the night tours must be done in advance given that only 60 people per night are allowed on the beaches in order to avoid disturbing the turtles.

The nesting process for these breathtaking Leatherback turtles is extensive and complex. Nonetheless being in the presence the world’s largest turtle species is completely worth the while. These turtles may lay up to 90 eggs on a single night.  During the night tour, the guide will instruct the group on how and when to approach a turtle during the nesting process so that you are able to get a very close look at the magical moment when they lay their eggs and return to sea.

Visiting the Baulas National Marine Park is an extraordinary experience given the many activities available. Its most popular attraction happens at night when you are given the opportunity to presence the nesting process of the Leatherback turtle. However during the day you may also visit the trails at the park, go surfing, snorkeling or just simply lay on the sand and enjoy its beautiful beaches.

aulas National Marine Park Costa Rica

Baulas National Marine Park Costa Rica


Pictures taken from:

Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, Costa Rica

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