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The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently declared the recently growing virus scientifically known as COVID-19 known commonly as Coronavirus, as a global pandemic. This has caused many countries to enter a lockdown limiting tourism and travel for many. Even with this pandemic going on and a case in Costa Rica, this should not force you to cancel your trip and let the fear grow. As a car rental company that works very close to the touristic area of Costa Rica, we are taking all measures to make sure you are safe in your trip.

Solid Car Rental would like to offer you some advice so you can still enjoy your trip and not cancel.

  • Please only listen to information provided by health organizations and reliable news reports. A lot of the fear comes from false information distributed by people with no knowledges on they topic 
  • Wash your hands constantly. When you travel carry with you a airport approved size hand sanitizer or wipes. 
  • If you are not sick, you do not require a face mask. Face mask are to be used by people who are ill and do not want to contagie others 
  • If you do not feel good, for your safety and the safety of others, remain inside your house and get yourself checked. 
  • The virus dies at temperatures above 27 degrees celsius. Costa Rica is a very warm country so there are extremely low chances of you and your family getting the virus in the country. 

Stay safe! You can prevent the spread of false information and not have to cancel your trip. Solid Car Rental cares for your safety and we will never expose you to such danger. We are a company that is taking and will continue taking all the measurements necessary to stop the virus from spreading by continuously cleaning and disinfecting our offices and transportation units. Our cleaning methods follow the protocols ordered by WHO and the Health Ministry of Costa Rica.

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