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Costa Rica is an all-year round paradise! All throughout the year we offer some of the most beautiful beaches and oceans! Because of this, we have become a go-to spot for experienced divers looking for some underwater magical exploring. One of those places is the awesome Catalina Island’s!

Globally known for being one of Costa Rica’s top scuba diving spots, Catalina Islands has become one of the most sought-after diving places due to its incredible beauty and diverse wildlife. Catalina is made up of 20 different small islands, all of which are surrounded by an unbelievable indigo colored ocean.

Given its strong current and diving conditions, Catalina Islands may only be visited by experienced certified divers. Visibility changes throughout the season, however it will usually range from 8-75 feet. Our best recommendation if for you to visit during the months of November through March.

Catalina Islands is famous due to its characteristic encounters with all types of rays. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to swim with giant manta rays, bat rays, bullseye electric days, stingrays and cow-nosed rays. Isn’t that just absolutely amazing?

Other types of wildlife you will get to see while diving at this amazing spot are various school of fish (such as barberfish, angelfish, barracudas, scorpion fish, etc), turtles, dolphins, wales and even several species of sharks- nothing short of amazing!

Underwater photographers are also very welcome here, as there is just simply so much beauty to capture!

Various tours are arranged by different companies in the area. The tours will usually include a pick up at a near by hotel, a boat ride where you’ll visit a couple of the island, as well as an afternoon refreshment.

The Catalina Islands are located about 3 and 24 kilometers from the northern Guanacaste coast. You are more than welcome to stay at any of the closest beaches like Flamingo, Conchal, Coco beach, Tamarindo, etc, for a complete Costa Rican experience!

Experience all the beauty that the Costa Rican oceans have to offer at the unbelievable Catalina Islands!

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