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Despite the current Pandemic the entire world is going through, Costa Rica can be seen as the ideal country for your trip. The great handling of the COVID 19, the strong sanitary measures, and the citizens’ compliance have benefited enormously. Also, not having to present a negative covid result to enter the country is a great advantage.

Costa Rica has implemented very strong safety and sanitation requirements across the country. In most cases, before entering restaurants, hotels, stores, tourist attractions, and many other places, clients are required to sanitize their hands and boots, and body temperature is taken. Also, all places are working at capacities of about 50%, which makes social distancing more effective.

Masks are required everywhere, something that citizens comply with and even wear them outdoors. In addition to masks, most hotel, restaurant, and store workers wear gloves, and face shields.

The country is known for its natural beauty and the outdoor activities, which are the safest ways to enjoy traveling and preventing covid infection. There is a big amount of options for travelers, like hiking, zip lining, surfing, visiting volcanoes or national parks, and much more. What are you waiting to visit the land of “Pura Vida”?

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