Sometimes a weekend trip is the best way to disconnect from the week’s overwhelming stress. But going from the city to a crowded beach is definitely not your idea of a ‘relaxing time’. So, what to do? There’s an easy solution! Plan your weekend downtime at the beautifully unique Esterillos beach, Costa Rica!

No uncomfortable crowds, long restaurant lines or occupied parking spaces! Esterillos is really the ultimate beach for some great R&R! Located between Jaco and Manuel Antonio, Esterillos is divided into four beaches; Esterillos Oeste, Esterillos Centro, Esterillos Este and Playa Bejuco. All beaches are separated by rivers or estuaries, giving the area its characteristic name. During rainy season, 4WD are recommended as the only ay to access these awesome beaches are through dirt roads.

Due to its laid-back atmosphere, great swells and big waves; Esterillos has become a popular surf destination. Waves usually break head high and are great year round. Esterillos Oeste is usually amongst the surfers favorites for its long-breaking rights. Surfers usually fall in love with these beaches as they offer a great surfing spot without having to worry about dodging crowds of people in the sea.

Apart from surfing, Esterillos is a great beach to spend some good quality time with family and friends. The beach is very peaceful, which makes it great for a sunny day at the beach. Sand castles, beach football and swimming in the ocean are usually amongst the best activities. Walking along the Esterillos beach is also a great option, as you can enjoy the area’s nature and wildlife including turtles, scarlet macaws, sloths and monkeys.
If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can always go on biking or horseback riding too!

After spending the day at the lovely beach of Esterillos, you should most definitely get a great dinner (drink included!). You will find that there are a couple of small but very nice local restaurants which not only offer the freshest ingredients, but some great local beer too!

Get some much-needed rest at one of the most beautifully relaxing beaches, Esterillos beach!

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Playing at the Esterillos Beach in Costa Rica