Tortuguero: a unique experience!

One of the most special trips you may ever make when coming to Costa Rica, is visiting the Caribbean Coast. Its environments, weather and culture really make it a unique visit you must do at least once in a lifetime! The Caribbean is also home to one of the country’s most interesting national parks: Tortuguero!

Getting to Tortuguero is not easy but it is certainly worth it! There are no roads leading to this National Park, so you will commonly access it by boat or plane.
As the name describes it, Tourtuguero’s gorgeous main attraction is of course its turtles! The National Park was originally created in 1959 as a tagging program to protect sea turtles from hunting and poaching of their eggs. Currently, Tortuguero protects hundreds of turtles including species like the green sea turtles, leatherback and hawksbill turtles.

There are really two ways you can experience this amazing national park: by sea or by land (or both!).

Getting to know the Tortuguero National Park by sea is a remarkable experience. One of the things that characterized Tortuguero the most, is its series of canals, lagoons and wetlands that interconnect with each other creating an unbelievable environment! The area’s large amount of rainfall and hot climate create a rich environment with an exceptional and diverse flora and fauna. So kayaking, canoeing and going on boat rides is really the best way to truly get to know this aquatic paradise!

By land, Tortuguero is a completely different, equally as beautiful scene. During the night, the turtles push their way through the sand to lay their eggs. And if you are lucky enough you may see this impressive event. Turtles can lay from 50-100 eggs depending of its size – which is quite extraordinary!
Even more impressive, is the hatching of the newborn turtles! This usually happens early morning, after the eggs have incubates for about 7-10 weeks. Tini-tiny turtles come out of their eggs and make their way into the vast ocean. It is truly an outstanding view!

You can visit Tortuguero National Park any time of the year. Nesting season is different for ever species, however most run from February to April and from July to October. Most hotels in the area will offer guides and tours, so you can make the best out of your trip.

Have a once in a lifetime experience by visiting the Tortuguero National Park!

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