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As travelers, we sometimes don’t know what part of the country to get to know first: the tranquil relaxing side or the actively busy day-to-day life. Well, if you are one of those who can’t really decide, then we have great news! Don’t pick and choose and simply visit the beautiful and newly renovated Balmoral Hotel.

This unique hotel has the perfect combination of coziness hospitality right smack in the middle of our capital, San Jose. Balmoral hotel opened its doors in the late 1950’s and has since provided the best facilities and services. Located right in the middle of San Jose, it’s the best hotel to stay at if you want easy access to culture, shopping, activities, dinning and nightlife.

Balmoral hotel offers seven types of rooms which vary from one another depending on your needs and price range. Offering both rooms and suites, this hotel usually ranges from $120 – $240 per night. Whether you need a standard room or a fully equipped luxury suite; you will always find the most comfortable and cozy beds, flat screen TVs, Mini bars, WiFi and many other amenities which will make your stay incredibly delightful.

Apart from having some of the most gorgeous rooms, the Balmoral hotel also has some award-winning spectacular restaurants. The main one, El Patio is a restaurant bar that serves some of the most delicious authentic Costa Rican and International dishes you will ever taste! You will also find ‘El bar del patio’ which is the most gorgeous bar perfect for a nightcap or the “Café el patio” which is a cozy café perfect for a afternoon snack.

Balmoral hotel will also help you organize any activities you would like to do while in Costa Rica. Guests can enjoy everything from walks though the center of San Jose, to hikes on volcano’s, white water rafting, rainforest canopy tours and even surfing at some of the most jaw-dropping beaches you will ever see.

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Getting to the Balmoral hotel is extremely easy as it is literally right in the center of town. You can rent any vehicle (compact or SUV) in Solid Car Rental and spend the holiday of your lifetime!

Visit the Balmoral hotel for the perfect mix of relaxation, comfort and the ultimate Costa Rican active lifestyle!

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