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Going to the beach in Costa Rica is always a must! But how to enjoy all of the comfort and beauty of paradise without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of a crowded beach? Well its quite simple! Visit the unique San Juanillo beach!

Located in the northern Pacific, in Guanacaste; San Juanillo really is an undiscovered slice of heaven! This small fishing village is known by very few, which makes it perfect for someone looking to spend some fun beach time without having to deal with large crowds and long lines.

Once you get to San Juanillo, you will never want to leave! Guaranteed!
The white sand beaches and turquoise colored water makes this the ultimate vacation spot! And most importantly, because the peninsula splits the beach in two, San Juanillo offers its visitors some of the coolest lookouts so that you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets you could ever dream of!

Although San Juanillo is not a popular holiday destination, it does offer a wide range of activities for you to take part in. Whether you prefer to chill or look for some adventure, this marvelous beach offers it all!

Water activities are of course huge here are the ocean is crystal clear. Snorkeling and diving is a great way to get to know the area’s rich marine life. Surfing, kayaking and Stand Up Paddling are also some great options! Catch some waves while admiring a blissfully empty ocean! Activities on land are also available such as hiking the wonderful Ostional Turtle Refuge, zip lining, biking and taking fun ATV rides!

And last but not least: the food! San Juanillo beach offers some of the most incredible restaurants and bars! Here you will find everything from smoothies and ceviches, to pastas and pizzas! A truly delicious culinary experience!

Need you hear more? We don’t think so! Pick a date and start planning your holiday to this absolutely amazing location! Come and visit the wonderfully exotic San Juanillo beach!

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San Juanillo Beach, Costa Rica



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