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Surfers, you’ve probably heard about this one before. But in case you haven’t, keep reading because this one is a special one!

In Costa Rica, you will find that there are tons of beaches the offer a pretty decent surf. But there is one special one that’s home to one of the longest and most bad-ass waves in the world: Pavones beach! Although you might not believe it, this surfer’s heaven offers fast waves which you can ride for over 2 minutes (yes, it’s true!).

Pavones beach is a small town located in Puntarenas, about 15 kilometers south of Zancudo beach. Although the car ride here is quite long (approximately 7 hours), and rough (a 4×4 vehicle is recommended), it is so worth it!

Once you arrive, you’ll have to do some light hiking all the way to the right surfing spot. From the moment you step out and start walking, you’ll fall in love with the area’s lush rainforest and wildlife.

When we say that Pavones offers the second longest wave in the world – we are not kidding! Actually, you’ll find that there are two different waves you can choose from.
The inner wave, recommended for less experienced surfers, provides a smoother and calmer ride. The outer wave, on the other hand, is much larger in size and goes across the nearby mouth of a river.

Regardless of the wave, you decide to ride, take into account that breaks at Pavones are quite close to shore and have rocky bottoms.

The best time to visit Pavones really depends on your surfing style. Rainy season is best if you are into challenging surf; dry season is best for smaller, smoother waves.

Although Pavones is mostly all about surf, it does also offer other activities which you can enjoy during your visit. Sports fishing, canopy tours, hiking and horseback riding are the usual favorites.

Ready to get to know a legendary surfing destination? Start planning your sick visit to Pavones beach!

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